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ShellShockHunter Tool v1.0

ShellShockHunter v1.0  Autor: MrCl0wn Blog: GitHub: Twitter: Email: [email protected] Shellshock (software bug) Shellshock, also known as Bashdoor, is a family of security bugs in the UnixBash shell, the first of which was disclosed on 24 September 2014. Shellshockcould enable an attacker to cause Bash to execute arbitrary

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Simple Recon Subdomain

I used web tools for enumerate host and ip. TARGET IS A MAGIC STRING curl -s “” | awk -v RS='<[^>]+>’ ‘/$1/’ | sort -u >>TARGET-rapiddns.txt curl -s “” | grep -Po “(([w.-]*).([w]*).([A-z]))w+” | sort -u >>TARGET-riddler.txt curl -s “” | grep -Po “((http|https)://)?(([w.-]*).([w]*).([A-z]))w+” | sort -u >>TARGET-jldc.txt curl -s

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Scan IP Checker CVE-2020-5902

Checker CVE-2020-5902: BIG-IP versions 15.0.0 through, 14.1.0 through, 13.1.0 through, 12.1.0 through, and 11.6.1 through suffer from Traffic Management User Interface (TMUI) arbitrary file read and command execution vulnerabilities. Os dispositivos BIG-IP, fabricados pela F5 Networks, integram funções como gerenciar tráfego de rede, gerenciamento de

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